Lillster x Patchy Tiger

Give your garments that extra personal swage with Lillster x Patchy Tiger. In collaboration with Patchy Tiger, Lillster has developed nine patches to pimp, renew or repair your hat, jacket, trousers, bag or you name it. All patches can be matched with a sock in the same design. 
Bring out the creativity and the iron and we'll drive! 
June tells you how to do :)
  1. Place the patch where you want it. Put a towel over.
  2. Put the iron on maximum heat, with steam if possible. Iron on the towel. Swing the iron back and forth a little while pressing for 30 seconds.
  3. If you want extra safe results, we recommend that you also sew a few stitches in the edges of the patch. (This is not a must).
Now you just have to choose which patches you like the most
Click here to get to the patches.