Tips från julklapps-coachen

Mother's Day 2.0

Mother's Day coming up. How cute would it be to give mom socks to match the rest of the family? We have socks for every taste. Beach bags for all summer adventures. And stylish gift boxes to pack everything in. Give that mama bear the socks she deserves ;)

The teacher's summer gift

Thank the educator with the gift that everyone needs. SOCKS!
Here we have collected all the socks and packages that we think are best suited to give to the teacher in particular.

Forget the flowers and that chocolate. Go all in Lillster.

The kids' summer gift

End of school, summer gift, midsummer name it!

The best summer gift for all kiddos who are going on summer vacation. Summery socks, slippers and swimwear that scream ADVENTURE! Add a very own beach bag and the summer adventure can begin.

Till det årliga julfotot

Matcha loss riktigt ordentligt på årets julfoto och det blir en bild att rama in. Ostigt? Javisst! Och jättekul för alla inblandade ;)

Till julklappsspelet

Strumpor till julklappspelet. Köp storlek 40-45 så kan jag lova dig att majoriteten av alla vuxenfötter kommer slåss om just din klapp. Eller så köper du din egen storlek och försöker vinna den själv. Man får ju inte va dum ;)

Till en julfirande summer lover

Alla har vi en summer-lover i vår närhet. Och bara för att det blir jul kommer inte denne någon sluta gilla sommarens vibes. Köp en box fylld med surfiga socks och lyckan blir fullständig.

Limited quantity

Get a BEACH BAG: Buy for SEK 500 or more and get a beach bag. Limited quantity. Put the bag in the shopping cart, go to the checkout. If the discount appears when you have to pay, you are one of the successful ones. Yay!


"Have had these socks for the kids for over five years now and can honestly say that they are the best socks we have tested!" - @moanyberg

Candy shop

"My sock box looks like a candy store!" - June, 7 years

To match

"Being able to be just like mom and dad - even the biggest role models in life - by being able to match the socks gives my child a big smile on his face" - @mellimira


"A cool outfit means SWAG from top to toe, that's where Lillster comes in and shows where the cupboard should stand 💪🏼" - Jessica @julibarnen, mother of three

Baby socks that stay

“A sock that stays on the foot AND is stylish - best combo! (and which many other socks do not live up to) ”- Anders, father of two

How it all began

our history

Lillster was started in 2015 by the then new mother Maria Vister. Maria experienced, like many other new parents, that it was impossible to find socks that remained on the little baby's feet. The irritation grew. How is that even possible? Maria scanned the market, started Lillster and solved the problem. The slogan "Socks that stay on, even during the hardest conditions" was born.  

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