Here you will find Lillster's take on the most classic gift there is. Packaged and ready to the smallest detail. Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's, Fölsis, Christmas, Easter. You name it, we got it! Match with everyone you know and the party is a fact. Do you want to send a package directly to the recipient? We solve that at checkout. 



- Vi drar på en solig roadtrip.

Retro möter surf möter Lillster. Och här har du den, vår nya strandkollektion - BEACH LOVING!

Baddräkt, shorts och tofflor är gjorda i återvunnet material och är OEKO-TEX-certifierade. Den grymma strandväskan är gjord i bomullscanvas och är perfekt för äventyr alla dagar i veckan.

Packa din strandväska och kom och häng med Lillster på stranden i sommar. Nu drar vi!

crew knees thin thick


At Lillster you will find socks for all this year's adventures. And now, now it's time for warmer temperatures. And we, we have your back this time too. Skip the abrasions, go all in Lillster. And feel free to do it "whole family style";)

Repair, renew, reuse

Lillster x Patchy Tiger style

Give your garments that extra personal swagen. In collaboration with Patchy Tiger, Lillster has developed nine patches to pimp, renew or repair your garments with. Do not throw away those broken trousers or that dirty bag. RENEW!

All patches can be matched with a sock in the same design. 

Bring out the creativity and the iron and we'll drive! 

tips from the coach

Ullisar extends

Keep the boots for a while longer. Add a pair of rag socks and hux flux, you have a warmer type of shoe. Wool raggis keep their feet warm well into colder temperatures. Win win win for both wallet, planet and foot.

No lumpy tears

Socks that lie like a lump at the front of the boots or boots. Is it recognizable? The eruption is around the corner. Our socks have a long ribbed shaft that makes it difficult for them to slide down. Say hello then to lump in the toe;)

Tights extend

Cuddly legs under the coveralls. Jeans? No thanks. Terry knitted tights? Yes thank you. Both legs and feet are cuddly cared for without gaps. All with the best comfort of our little adventurers in mind.


"Have had these socks for the kids for over five years now and can honestly say that they are the best socks we have tested!" - @moanyberg

Candy shop

"My sock box looks like a candy store!" - June, 7 years

To match

"Being able to be just like mom and dad - even the biggest role models in life - by being able to match the socks gives my child a big smile on his face" - @mellimira


"A cool outfit means SWAG from top to toe, that's where Lillster comes in and shows where the cupboard should stand 💪🏼" - Jessica @julibarnen, mother of three

Baby socks that stay

“A sock that stays on the foot AND is stylish - best combo! (and which many other socks do not live up to) ”- Anders, father of two

How it all began

our history

Lillster was started in 2015 by the then new mother Maria Vister. Maria experienced, like many other new parents, that it was impossible to find socks that remained on the little baby's feet. The irritation grew. How is that even possible? Maria scanned the market, started Lillster and solved the problem. The slogan "Socks that stay on, even during the hardest conditions" was born.  

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