Will you be my Valentine? Order before Tuesday, February 11, at midnight, to be sure to get your socks in time for Valentine’s Day. (We can only promise this kind of delivery inside Sweden).  

The best Valentine's gift for the whole family. Can you imagine something more fun than a pair of baby feet that match a pair of adult feet or siblings with matching feet or a whole family or BIG family? OMG, we can go on forever.

We have both love socks and love boxes. Does your love like patterned socks a la more is more? Or is your love more in to solid color socks? Or maybe you have a cold foot at home? Lillster got your back. Choose a "candy bag" with appropriate print and add whatever socks you want. It doesn't get more personal than that, do it?

Don't want to choose for yourself? Then we choose for you. Have a look at our Candylishious boxes, your love will not be disappointed. You do have to choose size and packaging though. You can do it, I know you can ;) Otherwise, email, we fix the steak <3

10 SEK
10 SEK
It's a BABY!
10 SEK