Olle old school baby - Lillster Love

50 SEK

Say it with a LOVE SOCK 

Give your family's feet a little extra love. Lillsters Hearty socks fit ALL and comes in sizes from newborn up to 45. Perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Everyone needs socks. Everyone needs love. Lillster LOVE SOCKS it is!

White classic tube socks with three stripes in real old school feeling with a loving detail on the shaft, a heart. Lillster logo under the foot. Socks that stay on ALL fast feet. Oeko-tex certified and made in Sweden.

90% cotton, 10% lycra. 

Designed & made in Sweden.  

Lillsters tube socks are Oeko-Tex certified. The socks are designed and made in Sweden. We have full insight in the working conditions and policies. Our socks gets our own quality logo, the "heart leaf", which stands for environmental awareness and concern about its wearer. Lillsters antislip available on sizes 16/18 - 25/27 is environmentally friendly and free from Phthalates.  

We have chosen to minimize our environmental impact by producing Oeko-tex certified socks in Sweden. In this way we can ensure that the socks do not contain any harmful substances, that the working conditions are good and we do not have long, unnecessary shipping routes.  Join the adventure and explore #lillsterworld