LION TUBE SOCK - Lillster Originals Safari

79 SEK

YAAAASSS! Lion yellow tube socks a la Lillster. Go for it! 

Love the Lion just loooooves to swim together with his friend Fanny the Hippo. Ideally they swim it in the talking sea Hugo. After a small accident (as you can read about at the top of the Lillster Originals Safari category) now Love has got a pair of his own socks from Lillster. Socks that match both his body and brain. For all, you know, are lions, have yellow brains? IF NOT, email and we will tell;)

Lion yellow explorer sock with two classic white stripes on the shaft. Socks that stay on all tiny fast feet. Lillster clean antislip on sizes 16-21 and 22-27. OEKO-TEX certified.

90% cotton, 10% lycra (OEKO_TEX certified). 

Designed in Sweden.
Made in Turkey. 

Lillster antislip on sizes 16-21 + 22-27 (6 months - 4 years). Oeko tex certified, free from Phataltes.  

Lillster tube socks are Oeko-tex certified. The socks are designed in Sweden. Produced in Sweden and Turkey. Since both companies are Swedish, we have full insight in working conditions and policies. We have assigned the socks our own quality logotype, "Heart Lover", which stands for environmental awareness and caring about its wearer.

Lillster antislip is available in sizes 16-21 + 22-27, Oeko-tex is certified and free from Phtalates.

We have chosen to start a collaboration with, in addition to our factory in Sweden, a factory in Turkey. The factory is Oeko-tex certified. In this way we can ensure that the socks do not contain any harmful substances and that working conditions are good. Here we can make the entire stocking at one and the same factory, thus avoiding unnecessary shipping factories.

Why also produce in Turkey?
- We meet our customers' demand for more socks with antislip.
- We raise the quality a further snap and extend its life span.
- We now make the entire sock in the same factory, which minimizes unnecessary freight.

The biggest climate thief is consumption and above all overconsumption. Everybody still needs socks. If you buy good socks you can have them for a long time, sell or give to another explorer. You do not throw a Lillster sock. It's like throwing away a soul. Each Lillster sock has it's very own personality and its own saga. This because we want to make the socks fun for the kids, but also because we want to highlight that things don't necessary need to be soulless stuff that we throw away faster than the blink of an eye. This, we think, is a way to a more conscious consumption where you buy great things that you actually need.