2-pack Solveig + Perra - Summer Originals

155 SEK


Oh yaass! Lillster says hi and hello to the summer in style. Thin, ribbed knee socks for all summer adventures. And once again, Lillster has heard prayer. These summer originals come in sizes for the whole family. Make them feet summer sweet now, wow ;)

2-pack of thin ribbed socks for the whole family - Your feet are made for adventures. Let them party!

Make the family's feet a little extra summer fresh with Pool party Perra and Sunny Side Solveig.  Lillsters Summer Originals socks are suitable for ALL and are available in sizes from newborn up to 45. Now also with anti slip protection on sizes 16-21 + 22-27. Perfect gift or as "go-away gift". Get matchy with us, FAM BAM STYLE!

SOCKSTORY - Summer essentials:
Lillster the explorer bunny visits the Swedish summer with everything it has to offer. Sunsets, cool summer evenings, pool party, beach chillin, changing weather mm mm. Our rabbit produces a socks and tights that everybody need. Summer essentials ;) We meet Pool Party Perra, Beach Bum Bo and Sunny Side Solveig. Come join us!

Ribbed and thin socks with two classic stripes on the shaft. Socks that are perfect for all warm feet. Lillsters clean slip protection on sizes 16-21 and 22-27. OEKO-TEX certified.