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Filippa the Van baby - Cali summer

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Skater socks for the little ones. Best gift for the surfing new / expectant parents. Socks that remain on small fast feet.The public bus Filippa is back. Strong

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Leverantör: Lillster

Skater socks for the little ones. Best gift for the surfing new / expectant parents. Socks that remain on small fast feet.

The public bus Filippa is back. Stronger than ever. To THE WHOLE FAMILY. Yes, Lillster has heard prayer again. Ask and you shall receive. In the end, this candy ran out faster than lightning. We hope to make you all happy this time, but to be on the safe side, it's probably best to click them straight away, so to speak.


The slightly confused Folkabussen Filippa drives his polar surfers to the beach every day. Although she drives the same distance daily, she has no idea about the road. Lillster gets an idea and makes socks to help her remember. The socks are hung in her rearview mirror. Stripes = highway, skateboards = the park, palm trees on each side = park. If it rains, we wait to go home until the rainbow shows up, of course :) Her surf buddies are overjoyed, now they always have socks to wear when they want to warm their cold surf waterfalls, HANG TEN!

Off-white printed thinner socks with two classic green stripes on the shaft and white embroidered Lillster logo under the foot. Socks that stay on small fast feet. Oeko-tex certified and made in Turkey.

Lillster Cali summer
Make a sock statement and match the whole family's waterfalls this summer. And why not replace those "go-away-flowers" with a bunch of "go-away-socks". Stack up so you are ready for all the summer festivities. Why not start with midsummer at once?

Give the family's feet a little extra glow. Lillster's Cali summer socks fit EVERYONE and are available in sizes from newborn up to 45. Perfect gift. Everyone needs socks. And is there anything sweeter than a pair of baby waterfalls that match a pair of adult waterfalls? Ööööh näää, do not think so.

Choose different sizes and match the whole family. Socks that stay on ALL fast feet. Oeko-tex certified and made in Turkey. These exemplary socks come without anti-slip.

90% cotton, 10% lycra (OEKO-TEX certified).

Designed in Sweden.
Made in Turkey

Lillster's tube socks are Oeko - tex certified. The socks are designed in Sweden. Produced in Sweden and in Turkey. As both companies are Swedish, we have full insight into working conditions and policy. We also award the socks our own quality logo, the "heart leaf", which stands for environmental awareness and care for its wearer.

Lillster anti-slip protection that is available on certain socks in sizes 16-21 + 22-27 is Oeko-tex certified and free of Phthalates.

We have chosen to start a collaboration with, in addition to our factory in Sweden, a factory in Turkey. The factory is Oeko-tex certified. In this way, we can ensure that the socks do not contain any substances that are harmful to health and that working conditions are good. Here we can make the whole sock at one and the same factory and thus avoid unnecessary shipping between factories.

Why even produce in Turkey?

- We meet our customers' demand for more socks with anti-slip / anti-slip protection.

- We increase the quality another notch and extend its service life.

- We now make the entire sock at one and the same factory, which minimizes unnecessary shipping routes.

The biggest climate culprit is consumption and, above all, overconsumption. However, everyone needs socks. If you buy good socks, you can wear them for a long time, resell them or let someone inherit. You do not throw away a Lillster sock. It's like throwing a soul. Each Lillster sock has its very own personality and its own fairy tale. This is because we want to make the socks a little fun for the kids but also because we want to highlight that things are not soulless. We believe this is a way to a more conscious consumption where you buy good things that you actually need.