POOL PARTY PERRA - Summer Originals

79 SEK


Can it get more awesome than when you match your socks with the pool you are in? Don't think sooo ;)

Oh yaass! Lillster has taken the summer in style. Thin, ribbed socks that match the pool. Perf for all feet out there. And again, Lillster has heard prayer. These Originals come in sizes for the whole family. Make your summer feet sweet, in style, Lillster style;)

STRUMPSTORY - Pool Party Perra
Pool party Perra äääälskar to go to pool party. Hardly surprising! Once when Perra was on a fiesta, he stumbled and injured his foot when he played beach volley with Sunny Side Solveig. The water stings when it reaches Perra's feet, it hurts. He doesn't want to go to any pool party anymore. Lillster the explorer bunny to the rescue! Lillster hears about Perra's worries and knows as usual exactly what to do. SOCKS! Perra gets a pair of pool-colored socks with two lovely stripes. Now he matches both the pool and his friend Sunny side Solveig. Do it too!

Pool blue ribbed and thin adventure socks with two classic coral colored stripes on the shaft. Socks that are perfect for all warm feet. Lillsters clean slip protection on sizes 16-21 and 22-27. OEKO-TEX certified.