Lillster got your back all year every year. Choose a "candy box" with appropriate print and add whatever socks you want. Can you come up with a more personal and better gift than that? Let us know ;)

"Thank you" ... for beeing you for your love. Or to the host family at that dinner party, or to the teachers as a thank you for this school year. Simply to someone you want to thank. The postman maybe? After all, it's him/her who deliver ...

"Happy Birthday" to the birthday child.

"It's a BABY!" to the baby shower, to the newborn, to the baptism or to anyone who likes cute elephants.

"I think you're DINO-MITE" to the one who likes dinosaurs and word games. So simply to a dinosaur-loving Gothenburg citizen (a little tight target group maybe but what the...)

"You're TURTLEY awesome" to the coolest one you know. That or to a turtle-loving Gothenburg citizen, you choose ;)

"Magical UNICORN kisses" to the one who always is herself/himself or a unicorn! Because you know that you should always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then you should always be a unicorn ;)

10 SEK
10 SEK
It's a BABY!
10 SEK