Lillster gets to hear about a nice gang in South Africa. A little strange set; a hippopotamus, a lion and a talking sea. Lillster gets superfascinated, clearly one wants to see a hippo and a lion swimming in an ocean that speaks. GOALZ. Lillster flyes away with her long ears and in a second he has landed in South Africa. It does not take long before the bunny knows exactly where the gang is, everyone talks about them. Lillster goes there and ends up in a chaos. The hippo Fanny and the Lion Love have played underwater football. They have happened to kick each other on their feet and are in sooo much pain. They are both terrified to see blood and patches and are therefor in a dissolution state. The sea Hugo tries to rinse off most but does not succeed.

Lillster to the rescue! Lillster plasteres the two fighters up. Then he gives the lion a pair of lion-colored Lillster socks that hold patches in place and removes dirt. The hippo also gets a pair, pinkish. The sea gets a little jelous so Lillster solves a pair of sea blue ones for him. Everybody is satisfied, end good, everything good.